Did You know that it is legal in California for a real estate Broker to represent BOTH a Seller and a Buyer? Consider the Agent who has known a Seller or a Buyer for months or years. How could that Agent possibly ‘feel’ the same towards a Seller or Buyer they just met ten minutes ago? Think about that. Is it really possible? It’s Legal, but, Is it Ethical? After all, most people would want their own Attorney to represent them ‘ONLY’, NOT the opposing side, Right?

In fact, the California state supreme court affirmed a lower court’s ruling that listing agents owe fiduciary duty to buyers when both buyers and sellers are represented by the same brokerage. Dual agency (representing BOTH a Seller and a Buyer on the same property) has long been problematic for consumers, leaving them without full representation in what is one of the largest monetary transactions of their lives.

OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com is a ‘best-in-class’ residential real estate firm specializing in SELLER Representation. (If You are a Buyer, we offer a unique Buying experience.) We deliver no-conflict brokerage services to Home Sellers throughout Orange County.

As our name implies, we specialize in real estate located within Orange County, California. Our team of highly qualified residential real estate professionals has decades of experience delivering real estate solutions that drive success. With our deep market knowledge and unparalleled service ethic, OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com develops real estate strategies that help clients big and small achieve their business and personal objectives.

OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com was born out of a single idea: Provide Home Sellers with the representation they deserve.

In a time when most real estate brokerages work for BOTH Buyers and Sellers, we could see the conflict of interest. Breaking away from the traditional brokerage model, our team became pioneers in the field of SELER representation by championing the underdog — advocating for Sellers that had never before gotten a fair shake at the bargaining table when going up against a brokerage representing BOTH Sellers and Buyers in their negotiations for real estate.

We are one of the most highly regarded SELLER representation firms in Orange County, offering unmatched expertise and deep operational support to our clients. Our sole fiduciary duty is to protect the interests of our Sellers and we do it better than anyone else in the business.