Our firm represents ONLY SELLERS (not Buyers) ensuring zero conflict of interest. Clearly, we’re not going to share our trade secrets, but, we can share that Our Seller’s receive an unparalleled level of service. And, we make it VERY Simple – like it should be. We are with you through the entire escrow process – even after your check clears!

We are NOT a ‘Discount’ Real Estate Brokerages. You don’t have to ‘give up’ anything when You hire us to Sell Your Home. When we Sell Your Home, You’ll only pay us 3.9% commission. You receive FULL SERVICE. Absolutely NO GIMMICKS. NO HASSEL. In fact, we are confident You’ll be impressed. How do we do it?

The Internet enables us to save a lot of Time. Time is Money. The Internet has also enabled us to save thousands of marketing dollars. We pass our savings on to You. It’s really that simple. Just think of all the hours we save using Electronic Signatures and the benefits of digital technology. We are highly efficient.

Also, unlike many Brokerages, we don’t waste a lot of money on ‘mortar and brick’ (big office buildings) housing thousands of Agents who are non-productive. This alone saves us many thousands of dollars every month. All of our ‘back office’ work (what we do for you behind the scenes) is centralized. We come to You. You’ll never need to come to us.

We FOCUS on You, the Seller and Your needs. We don’t have to wear multiple hats that dilute our ability to deliver great Service.

If you’d like to talk to us about Selling Your home, It’s VERY Easy. CONTACT US today.