The OC Local Partner Is the Secret Ingredient

To be clear, an Agent who is licensed in California can buy and sell real estate anywhere in the state. But, just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. What does an Agent who works day to day in Yorba Linda know about San Clemente? because of what they don’t know, an ‘out of area’ agent can create a lot of legal exposure for You.

By using an OC Local Partner, You’ll save time, money and a lot of frustration.

Let’s say that you SELL Your home in Mission Viejo and want to Move to Yorba Linda. Typically, Listing Agents tend to work in certain tracts. This is where OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com is unique and Consumer centric. Once Out Listing Agent is done in Mission Viejo, You’ll be joined by our OC Local Partner® in Yorba Linda.

In this way, You are able to work with someone who KNOWS their Local Market. We want them to ‘feel’ Yorba Linda with You. When a Buyer is working with an OC Local Agent, they minimize the risk of what an ‘out of area agent’ may inadvertently create.


OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com offers You a ‘one stop shop’ when referring Your transferees. Our OC Local Partners are perfect for your needs as we have already ‘vetted’ the Agent. We do a complete Background and a number of other Assessments before we will Appoint an OC Local Partner.