Stephen O’Hara,

Founder and CEO

Stephen loves to say, “Welcome to ‘my’ Orange County.” It’s true, He LOVES Orange County. He says, “Where else can you live and be just about an hour from the beach, the mountains and the desert? Just to see if He could do it, one day He had breakfast at the beach, lunch in Big Bear (Ski Resort) and dinner in Palm Springs and on to Los Angles for some Night Life. “We have a Mediterranean Climate – typically dry with average daytime temperatures in the 70’s and ‘sweater weather’ at night,” says Stephen.

“Oh, and let’s not forget our views, says Stephen. “Many of our homes have incredible views; beautiful ocean, mountains – snowcapped in the winter, twinkling city lights and a rich, cosmopolitan skyline and my list goes on. Really nearly perfect. Yes, ‘The OC’ is a WOW!”

When Real Estate Broker Stephen O’Hara, CRB®, CRS®, ARB®, SRES®, CSCA® acquired the Domain that MEANS REAL ESTATE in Orange County, OrangeCountyRealEstate.Com, he loves to tell the story about how people ridiculed him in 1997 for paying $75 for a “stupid Internet address”. Stephen certainly had the last word. ‘They’ aren’t laughing anymore.

With a love for ‘all things transparent’ and a passion for the quintessential Orange County lifestyle, Stephen has always seen things a little differently than others in the real estate industry. He’s 150% Consumer Centric. He’s always believed that people buy, he never ‘sells’. Stephen is all things Orange County.

At age 12, Stephen O’Hara was named one of America’s youngest entrepreneurs, and in 1980 he was named to the ‘Franchise 500’ list by Entrepreneur magazine. Never content to rest on his laurels, Stephen continues to re-invent himself and the way he does business. When he received the RE/MAX® Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 he was also stunned to learn that he ranked #14 from amongst the 106,000 RE/MAX agents worldwide.

He is often asked to share his story and he is happy to acquiesce, explaining that his life’s work is one of passion, unconditional love, patience and a history of turning ‘scars into stars’. With a career sales total of over One Billion Dollars, Stephen was propelled into real estate sales history when he became one of only 25 REALTORS® to be featured in the popular book, BILLION DOLLAR AGENT (Kantor).

Stephen has paid his dues. He has started and owned businesses on both a local and national level, including several national brand real estate offices where he recruited and mentored over 500 Associates. Stephen has a strong sense of marketing and communications skills. His academic background includes law and accounting as well as a strong background in franchise/licensing. He has an unwavering belief that success follows when you take care of the consumer. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of his entire business career. And, it’s worked.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Stephen:

“I have three major passions in my life – God, then my family, and then Real Estate. I’m blessed and delighted to have been able to combine all three. I’ve learned that life can only be ‘lived forward’ and understood backwards, which is why I believe we learn more from our adversities, than from our successes. I have faith in God, and in the knowledge that ‘nothing’ is the end of the world, and that I’m better served by moving forward. I learn from my mistakes and move on. I am purpose driven and I’m passionate about what I do.”

Stephen is a visionary who provides a vital link between the administrative and marketing/sales functions. He excels in being able to think and communicate in two very distinct styles: globally and linearly. It’s that extraordinary ability to take lofty visions and bring them down to earth that makes him an invaluable resource. Strategic planning wrapped in wisdom and understanding is the talent for which Stephen is best known.

Be passionate about what you do, serve the consumer like they were your own ‘Mom’ and success will follow!